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Well, judging from the fancy doings down here, what those characters are chirping about up there is not far-fetched either. This truly is the place for 'anything' in Telecommunications! 
But, if you too want to be conversant in their 'Tele-graphic' language, then join the Comline's 'Telecommic Club' and become a Tele-'convert' yourself! 

And, while we hope that you will have lots of fun in the process, we at Comline Systems are 'all business', too!

So, on the serious side, as specialists in the field of Business Telecommunications and Office Automation, we are presenting here the latest Technology in this rapidly evolving field - combining Computers, Telephony, Enhanced Voice and Fax applications, ...and all the other essential ingredients that make these systems work.

In preview - we unveil to the 'Internet Community' the information on following:

    We also unveil the information on not only the software and hardware products described here, but also on many other related subjects, that will help the visitors to this site better understand the latest developments in the field. Most importantly, it will help them understand the phenomenon of how these developments bring the products, and this entire technology - which until recently was available to the large corporations only - down to the budget levels of a small to medium size businesses, even individuals... 

    And all this information dispensed in a 'straight-forward' way, with no 'bells and whistles' all over the pages, no numerous and 'mysterious' links with no clue as to where they lead to, no fancy 'frames' nor  'advertising banners' for others, no external links to unrelated subjects and websites - or any other 'gimmicks' of any type! 
    Just a plain, logical, and easy to  follow format with the highly informative text which flows ... all in large, bold and easy to see letters,  with plenty of 'screen shots' and relevant illustrations. In short, after this colorful but attention getting, 'eye catching' introductory page,  there is nothing but the  'right stuff' throughout this Web Site... 

Having carved its market niche and product expertise in catering mostly to these ...small to medium size businesses, even individuals..., Comline Systems now offers two main - and complementing - product lines. Both are in the area of PC based Call Attendant, Voice Mail, Fax-On-Demand systems, with a user friendly Application Generator, and with some very elaborate, ready made, IVR (Interactive Voice Response) sample applications. Both product lines offer a variety of powerful functions and some very unique proprietary features that are not found anywhere - at any price! But, that is where the similarity ends!  For the rest - SEE for yourself! 
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    The first one is strictly a software product. It was developed by the associate company - Lantone Communications - after almost 2 years of painstaking and thorough development and collaboration effort ... and it is now exclusively distributed and marketed by Comline Systems. Its Name: VOCALIST21!  

    VOCALIST21 is specially designed for the 'Industry Standard' voice (Telephony) cards made by the leading manufacturers such as Dialogic, Rhetorex, New Voice and Bicom and with a goal of filling the gap in Windows95/98, 3.XX, as well as the Windows NT arena - for a low cost and very user friendly, but professional  and extremely powerful - yet easy to setup system! VOCALIST21 is also specially designed to be the most versatile system on the market, but without the requirement that it is installed by a professional programmer, and maintained by a professional system administrator... With a collection of some unique features and functions that were a result of a careful evaluation of the feedback from the industry, as well as of the input from hundreds of end users, VOCALIST21 is now an 'industrial strength' software package that represents a compilation of the best that the industry has to offer even down to a 2 line voice (or voice/fax) level - at the price low enough that any business, or even a 'do-it-yourselfer' can afford. 
    But, with the emphasis on low cost, the VOCALIST21 goes even beyond the 'low cost' - it is actually 'FREE'! Yes, it is FREE at least for a 30 days trial - for a 4 line system, and  forever  for a single line system - 1 hour at the time - for 'evaluation purposes' !  And these indefinite 'one hour resetable evaluation sessions' are not a 'demo' software, or a 'crippled' rendition - this is actually a full blown - fully functional - version. 
    Beside these features that appeal to the small businesses, VOCALIST21 is also designed to be even more appealing to the LARGE businesses - as all of its features found in the small, analog, and 16 bit (and/or 32 bit) software versions are also FULLY SCALABLE up to 64 ports in all analog 16 and 32 bit versions, as well as in its 'digital versions' ... up to a large (and multiple) 'T-1' ('T-1' = 24 digital ports) and 'E-1' ('E-1' = 30 digital ports) systems...  

    Beside the basic 'Auto Call Attendant with Voice Mail'; 'Info Center  with Fax-On-Demand'; and 'Automated Order Entry' applications - ALL OF WHICH ARE DOWNLOADABLE FREE - (and the IVR Data Base Interface module / Sample Application - which only ships with registered version software) there is even more:  
    Namely, there are now several specialized finished applications specially developed for the new 'Tele-Entrepreneurs'! These are 'Money Making Tool' type applications which are actually separate modules that install as a 'ready to run' applications of the VOCALIST21! 
    They include a module configured as a 'Classified Ads' application with an unlimited number of 'Categories'/'Subcategories' (Cars/Year/Make, etc.) in its 'generic form'... 
    When Categories' names of the  'Classified Ads' generic application are appropriately modified - it turns into an even more popular - and a proven money maker - the 'Dating Service' ... as a 'specific' application...   
    Both offer the system ability to open new callers' mailboxes 'on the fly', issue them a unique password, allow them access to a selection of Categories, allow them to record their Ad (Greeting/Offering/Request/??) - but restrict them subsequent access until approved by the system administrator... 

    Also included in the list of 'Tele-Entrepreneur' applications is an MLM (Multi Level Marketing)  module running a 'carousel' of announcements (randomly, sequentially, or both) for 'equal opportunity' to all the MLM operator's 'downline distributors' etc. ... which module is also usable for 'equal access' to all the 'sponsors' (restaurants, theaters, etc.) in an INFO CENTER type of 'environment'... 
    Or, as an even more elaborate variation of the MLM Application, there is also a 'subscriber based' / Data Base Accessed module that offers an enormous number of powerful business management features for the automation of the entire MLM (or similar) business operation... 
    Of course, there is also a 'Debit Card' package, 'Wake-up' call, and several other 'Professional Service Bureau' subscriber based type packages...

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    The second product line called 'PhoneOffice' is a proven product which has been in existence ever since 1992, and it was the very first on the market for the Windows 3.1 Graphical interface environment! The original Call Attendant, Voice Mail, Fax-On-Demand, Application Generator system came with the advent of Windows 3.1, ...and it was the first to be specially designed to take advantage of the Windows GUI (Graphical User Interface). Not just a 'fancy answering machine' but an actual Call Attendant capable of transferring calls to the extensions of a PBX, or Centrex, the 'PhoneOffice' single line model was an instant hit on the 'SOHO' (Small Office/Home Office) marketplace. 

    Designed from the 'ground - up' in a complete kit that runs 'straight out of the 
    box', with a proprietary hardware comprising a Sound Card / Fax Modem / 'Voice'/Telephony Card, etc. - all in one single board - requires no integration of any type! With all of its 'ON BOARD COMPONENTS' it occupies only a single slot (instead of 3 slots required for Voice, Fax, and Sound Cards...) and with a proprietary software bundled with it, the 'PhoneOffice' created the beginning of an era where Call Attendant / Voice Mail / Fax-On-Demand systems became available on a Single Line - and for under $500! 
    Of course a lot has happened since 1992, as both the 'low end' and 'high end' single line, as well as the latest Multiline systems have been through an evolution of at least a half dozen hardware and software generations since ... The  PhoneOffice models of today are fully scalable (up to 64 lines) and provide instant and 'bulletproof' systems that are all a long way from the first and the original 'PhoneOffice' in many ways... yet, the PhoneOffice product line remains truly unique in their basic concept: A complete, 'turn key' proprietary hardware/software solution ready to run - right out of the box! 
    After all these years and after all the other products and companies, large and small, coming onto the Computer market scene, there has not been one to even remotely come close to the feel, function, look and performance, ... and the  
    numerous exclusive features only found in the PhoneOffice! Thousands of users worldwide - some going back to the very first version, and still using it, can attest to that...

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    The third complimentary product has evolved out of a need to supply an industry standard Telephone System, a PBX (Private Branch Exchange) System with a flexibility and expandability to handle from a low of 4 lines / 12 extension systems to up to 32 lines / 168 extensions. The system that can also provide an analog platform so as to be compatible with any Auto Call Attendant, Voice Mail System, etc., and the system that can use any standard single line (or multi line) telephone set as an extension (or multi extension station)... 

    Such a PBX System fits like a 'hand in glove' with either the 'PhoneOffice' - or the VOCALIST21 system - and together they provide a truly complete 'turn key' telecommunications setup for any growing small to 'medium' size business. 

    And that system is PCPBX - a PBX in a PC! Besides its advantages of portability due to its being housed in a PC, the PCPBX system also offers numerous other features not found on any other 'standard' PBX system. The most important is that all of its commands, modes, and options, are accessible via Menu driven and 'user friendly' screen displays. In addition to some approximately 80 such System / Station / Operator, and Maintenance features - at an affordable price - it is the instant upgradability, modularity, portability, and full control of the entire Phone System from the desktop, that sets the PCPBX apart from any other PBX system on the market.

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or for a short introduction of other individual product lines and other info - READ ON!  
    The last and final area to be unveiled to the Internet community is Comline Systems' role as Integrators and System Designers for any of the products above. And not only the Integrators/Designers, but also Implementors and even Installers of 'turn key' systems, and Consultants on any projects - small or large. 

    And, hand in hand with these activities ...are the activities of a Distributors/Value Added Resellers (VARs) of the voice cards made by Dialogic, Rhetorex, New Voice, Bicom, and other manufacturers, including 'Soundblaster'/compatible sound cards... All these are made available from a single source now to the users of the VOCALIST21 software. 

      We have gone into a lot of effort to prepare this web site to make the information and materials which follow not only informative, but also interesting and entertaining, and we trust that you will enjoy your visit - whether you are 'an old hand' in the field, or a 'novice' who is just getting started... In either case, your comments and ideas will be appreciated - so if you would like to send them to us please click the E-mail icon below: 

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